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A family-owned business and historical landmark of Columbus, Ohio, Four Seas continues to deliver superior customer service to over 350 restaurants throughout Ohio. We sell and distribute Asian food service products to restaurants and individuals.

四海是哥伦布第一家集餐馆批发与个人零售为一体的食品服务商。同时,经过33年的积累,四海已经陆续为超过350俄亥俄州的餐馆提供优质的客户服务,是当地餐饮界批发市场的的一颗常青树。我们承诺:将会不断的提高服务质量, 丰富产品种类全心全意为亚洲餐馆服务!

You Order, We Deliver


We have been in business for over 34 years

We supply only the very best products to our customers

Brief History

Four Seas Asian Foodservice (also known as “Four Seas Emporium”) began as a “mom-and-pop” Oriental grocery store in July 1981. Since then, Four Seas has evolved into a major Asian foodservice distributor to over 350 restaurants in Ohio. The business is family-owned with the concept belonging to Kathy and Sam Law, who raised five children (Susanna, Chris, Yin, Vida, and Justin) with the store’s success.

四海亞洲餐飲(也被稱為“四海商場” )一開始是“媽媽和流行”東方雜貨店七月1981從那時起,四海已發展成為一個主要的亞洲食品服務分銷商超過350家餐館在俄亥俄州。該業務是家庭擁有的與屬於凱西和薩姆法,誰提出了五個孩子(蘇珊娜,克里斯,陰,維達,和Justin )與專賣店的成功理念。


Law Family (top left to right: Yin, Chris, Susanna; middle: Kathy, Sam; bottom: Vida, Justin)
Law Family (top left to right: Yin, Chris, Susanna; middle: Kathy, Sam; bottom: Vida, Justin)

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  1. Shelley 28 April 2013 at 5:54 am

    Great place to shop and get whatever you need for Pan Asian ingredients and how to know how for special recipes.

    My weekly grocer and super service. Bon appetite !


  2. Jinming & David DeBona 23 March 2010 at 8:15 am 

    Just found 4 Seas via a friend at work who suggested we go. Not only did we find many products my wife wanted, but had a chance to talk to Kathy and some of her family. They are very friendly and outgoing, and given my wife has only been here for 1 month, she really enjoyed meeting and talking to them.

  3. Yin Law 6 February 2010 at 7:20 pm 

    Of course my review will be biased, but I love Four Seas. It’s not only because my parents own it, but it’s because I grew up with it. Four Seas helped raise me and also created many great memories for me and my Mom.

    We hope you will enjoy the new site, and Happy Chinese New Year!

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Four Seas Asian Foodservice
3070 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43202
Phone: (614) 261-0154(614) 261-0154
Fax: (614) 261-0168

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